How Do We Support Heritage, Culture and the Arts in Lakewood?
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Impact of 2013 HCA Alliance Donations

Lakewood Cultural Center Orchestra Shell $3,500

  • An acoustic orchestra shell was purchased for use in the theater and has already been utilized by the Golden Eagle Concert Band, Colorado Wind Ensemble, Rocky Mountain Brassworks and Boulder Chamber Orchestra. Funds from the Alliance were applied towards the total purchase cost.

Youth Education and Outreach $500

  • Funding for students in need was provided through partial scholarships in the dance program and for Nutcracker in a Nutshell school performances. Vivian Elementary, a Title 1 school, received the Nutcracker funding.

Lakewood Heritage Center / Funds for Historic Research $1,000

  • Funds were utilized to gather research for the Lakewood Heritage Center’s newest historic structures on the Colfax Hub – the Estes Motel and the Peerless Gas Station. Research was completed on Colorado’s Frontier Refining Company and the post-war national tourism trends which led to the ‘mom and pop’ motel boom of the 1950s. Additional research was focused on the evolution of motels during the twentieth century. This research will assist us in the historic interpretation of the structures.

Maxine Barnes Volunteer of the Year Award $250

  • The Maxine Barnes award is named after one of the first HCA volunteers and who set a high standard for volunteerism through her exceptional service. The volunteer of the year award was named after Maxine to inspire volunteers to serve with dedication, flexibility and passion as she did.
  • The Alliance funded the physical award and gift certificate given to the 2013 Volunteer of the Year, Margene Hamilton. In addition, a $100 donation was made in the honoree’s name to the HCA program of their choice. This year those funds were given to Lakewood Cultural Center.

Jefferson County Teachers Exhibit Awards $1000

  • Cash awards were given to the winning artists of the 9th Annual Jefferson County Teachers Exhibit in the Lakewood Cultural Center. Awards were distributed as follows: Three best of show awards to H. Puanani Warnke – 2-D Best of Show, Scott Hawn – 3-D Best of Show and Peter Cunis – Really Awesome Award. Eight Honorable Mention awards to Kristine Woodbury, Phil Spaulding, Keith Oelschlager, Pamela Farris, Lori Lacy, Ali Akyuz, Annie McInnes and Tracy Hamm.

 Funding announced in 2013, and funded in 2014

Repairs to outdoor kiln and pit fire area $1,000

  • HCA will utilize the additional $1000 to enhance the outdoor firing area. The outdoor kiln area at Washington Heights Art Center offers students a unique opportunity to engage with various techniques in finishing their works. The facility offers both pit firing and raku firing options. The pit fire gas line and control mechanisms are aging and will be replaced.

Funding Needs for 2014

Maxine Barnes Volunteer of the Year Award $250

  • Award, gift certificate and honoree donation of choice.

Youth Education and Outreach $500

  • Each year HCA receives requests for financial assistance for youth in need. This fund provides opportunities for young people to participate in programs who otherwise would not be able to afford a class, camp or performance. The scholarships are awarded for up to 80% of the cost of the class or camp. The funds also are granted for up to 50% of the cost for Title 1 schools to attend a performance at the Cultural Center.

Jefferson County Teachers Exhibit Awards $1,000

  • The 10th Annual Jefferson County Teachers Exhibit will be held in the Lakewood Civic CenterRichey Gallery. The exhibit features work by teachers currently teaching in Jefferson County and includes works in various mediums. Awards are presented for Best of Show and othercategories as determined by the Guest Curator.

Funds for Reproduction Artifacts for the Traveling Trunk Program $1,250

  • Lakewood Heritage Center’s outreach programs serve an integral part of the site’s mission to educate area citizens regarding local, regional and national history. The site’s primary traveling program brings historic trunks to local student, adult and senior groups. Each trunk houses a number of artifacts and reproduction items associated with a particular decade during the twentieth century. During public presentations, audience members are able to genuinely engage with the past through the historic items contained within each trunk, spurring both questions and general discussion about what life was like for those who lived during that particular decade. In addition to the nearly complete trunks from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and1980s, the Heritage Center is working to add additional trunks which will contain items from the 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1990s (ten complete trunks in total representing every decade of the twentieth century). Artifacts and reproduction items are necessary to fill each trunk according to the educational needs of the program.

Art in the Park $1,000

  • Art in the Park is a new program in conjunction with the Public Art Master Plan. Two parks will be chosen for this project. Tents will be placed in the park with art activities for children and adults. An artist will be hired to lead participants in producing a temporary work of art for the park. The work will remain in the park throughout the summer and then be removed. HCA Alliance funding will enable HCA to enhance the community portion of Art in the Park with music, food and a take home art project for participants.

Funds for Reproduction Estes Motel Sign $14,000

  • The Estes Motel’s original building, built in the 1940s, was moved from its location on Colfax Avenue to the Colfax Hub area of the Lakewood Heritage Center in 2011. Renovation is currently underway and when complete, the structure will be added to the regular tour and will help tell the story of the development of one of the busiest commercial areas in Lakewood. A complete reproduction of the motel’s neon sign has been designed and is scheduled to be added to the site at a date to be determined. When complete, the sign will complement the Estes Motel building and serve as an accurate representation of the original sign which greeted every motel patron.

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