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Denver once had an extensive electric rail transit system that included over 250 miles of city tracks and 40 miles of high-speed interurban railcars connecting Denver with Golden and Boulder.  Thousands of riders used the system to visit downtown Denver and its venues for shopping, going to work and school, seeing friends, and for recreation. Rich in local history, Car No. 25 was built by Denver’s own Woeber Carriage Company and placed into service on February 17, 1911.  Car No. 25 was one of seven cars that provided passenger service on the Denver & Intermountain Interurban’s 13-mile Denver-Lakewood-Golden line from 1911 to 1950.  With the proliferation of the automobile and a new bus system, rail transit service was abandoned in 1950.

Beginning in 1988, the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club Historical Foundation embarked on a 22 year restoration project, involving 500+ donors, and 96 volunteers contributing 24,000 hours toward the restoration of Car No. 25.  

No. 25 is the last remaining, completely intact, electric railway car that once served the Denver area.  As an exquisitely restored piece of history, Car No. 25 is listed on both the State Register of Historic Properties and the National Register of Historic Places.  Car No. 25 is currently stored at the Denver Federal Center with limited public access. 

The future vision for Car No. 25 includes a permanent home located near the Lakewood RTD W Line, adjacent to the same rail corridor where the car once ran.  Imagine 100 years of history side by side.

Visitors to the Transit Museum will be exposed to the exquisite restoration and history of No. 25 as well as the regional history of electric interurban transit, focusing on the western half of the Denver metropolitan area along the Denver-Lakewood-Golden line.  Space for meetings, public gatherings and celebrations will round out the facility.  Railroad tracks integrated into the Car House will allow Car No. 25 to be brought outside for public open houses and special events.   

For more information on Interurban Car No. 25 and the plans for the Transit Museum, click here.

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