Fundraising Priorities 2010-2014

Historic Structure Restoration and Research Fund $20,000

  • Create a pool of dollars to support future development of Lakewood’s Heritage Center (LHC). Funding is needed to secure appropriate endangered historic structures, move them to LHC, stabilize them and minimize further deterioration during the designation and grant funding process.
  • Provide financial support towards historical research for additional installations (motel and gas station) at LHC.

Youth Education and Outreach $5,500
Cost includes research, development, supplies, instructional staff and marketing

  • Fulfill subsidy programming requests to at risk and underserved
    (Washington Heights art outreach, scholarships) - $1500
  • Develop and implement programming for scouts and Boys and Girls Club
    - $1500
  • Revise and update historical trunk program - $1000
    Transportation and admission fund for school visits - $1500

Artifact Restoration $5,000/$15,000

In anticipation of the addition of the historic Lakewood-Mountair Fire Station #1

  • Fire Truck Restoration begin 2011– estimated at $15000
  • Fire Equipment – hoses, extinguishers, other small equipment - $2000-

HCA Maxine Barnes Volunteer $500

  • Provide the $100 Gift for the annual Maxine Barnes Award winner
  • Place a brick at LHC honoring the winner
  • Provide funding to support annual volunteer recognition dinner

Lakewood Cultural Center $3000

  • $3000 towards purchase of new orchestra shells

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